I ♥ Fall TAG

Rom: Tag-ul acesta l-am tot văzut pe Youtube și pe bloguri....și chiar dacă la multe din întrebări nu am ce să răspund am decis să-l fac și eu. Sunt multe întrebări despre Halloween așa că la alea nu prea am ce să spun. Sper totuși să vă placă și să-l preluați și voi. Dacă îl faceți să-mi lăsați și mie link la comentariu, mi-ar plăcea să văd răspunsurile voastre

Eng: I've seen this Tag on YouTube and blogs .... and even though at many of the questions I don't have anything to answer I still decided to do it. There are many questions about Halloween so at those i don't know what to say. However, i hope you still like and you are free to take it. If you do it, let me the link to a comment, I'd love to see your answers

Question 1: 
What is your favorite fall lip product?

My favourite lip products are the lip balm from Nivea in the shade "Cherry" ( its my favourite for all year) and the lipstick from Essence in the shade "Sparkling Miracle" (i like to wear it mostly in the fall and winter).


Question 2: 
What is your favorite fall nail polish?

Again i will mention two nail polishes that i love for this time of the year. First is a dark red one from Golden Rose in the number 65 and the other one is also red, but its like a "poppy flower" red and it is from Yves Rocher "Rouge groseille".

Question 3: 
What is your favorite Starbucks fall drink?

I have Starbucks where i leave but i never bought something from them because i think there stuff are too expensive. But if i will go there, i definitely buy some tea.  
Question 4: 
What is your favorite fall candle?

I don't have a favourite candle one, but i loveee candles and my favourites acents are liliac, mango, cherry and peach.

Question 5: 
What is your favorite fall scarf or accessory?

I love scarfs in the fall and my favourite one is white with blue big flowers. My dad bought it from Germany, i'm not sure from what brand it is. Also i like to wear dresses and skirts with tights.

Question 6: 
Which is your favorite; haunted house, haunted hay ride or haunted corn maze?

Ok, i don't know what they are...maybe only the haunted house but i haven't been in one before.

Question 7: 
What is your favorite Halloween movie?

I don't have a favourite Halloween movie 

Question 8: 
What is your favorite candy to eat on Halloween?

Again, i don't have a favourite candy to eat on Haloween because we don't celebrate Halloween. But i loveeeee to eat apples in the fall....i know i know...they are not candys but i don't eat candys.

Question 9: 
What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

In Romania, from where i am, we don't celebrate Halloween. I don't like it so i'm glad that we don't have it. I know some people begin to integrate this celebration in our country and i'm kinda sad because we have so much nices celebrations here. Anyway...

Question 10: 
What is your favorite thing about fall?

I just loveeeeeeeee fall because i can start eating apples again (in summer i don't prefer them because are so many other fruits in season), i can wear my scarfs and leather jacket, skirts and dresses with tights, i can drink hot tea, leaves change there colours, in november we are waiting for Santa Nicolae, and then winter comes (my favourite season!!!!!)